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Normally, when there is a need to remove heavy material from a surface, most people think of sandblasting as the best method. This can be true, in many instances, but not in cases where the surface is metal and the contaminants are bonded to the surface. For the cleaning of industrial level impurities on metals, the best process is shot blasting, which uses centrifugal force to apply an abrasive instead of compressed air. Read More…

Shot Blasting Machine For the cleaning of industrial level impurities on metals, the best process is shot blasting, which uses centrifugal force to apply an abrasive instead of compressed air.
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With more than 60 years as a leader in air-blast equipment, Empire produces an extensive line including: ProFinish® Systems, ProFormer™, Econo-Finish® and Modified cabinets, Hoffman Blast Rooms, SuperBlast® Portable blasters and Centrifugal Disc Deburring Systems.

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Our sandblast equipment is designed to handle a wide variety of applications and we use manufacturing methods that guarantee these machines will stand the test of time.

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We have decades of experience in the finishing industry and we specialize in aqueous washing, abrasive blasting, vibratory finishing, polishing and buffing.

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AT LS Industries, we manufacture our sandblast equipment from the highest quality materials in our industry. We also know how important affordability and durability are to our customers, which is why we produce exclusive designs and use state-of-the-art technology to create our products. No matter what your application, you can count on our team to handle your project with the utmost respect and service.

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Here at Fortna Equipment we provide top quality sandblasting equipment and supplies. Our selection of media includes aluminum oxide grit, sand substitutes, glass beads, and more. We're your go-to source for any type of metal finishing or sandblasting equipment for your production or manufacturing needs. Please contact us for more information!

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Metal working has the same needs for cleaning as any other manufacturing process. Unfortunately, due to the properties of metals, an extra amount of strength is required for cleaning to achieve proper surface quality. Though sandblasting may seem to be the first choice, surprisingly, it does not have enough strength to remove rust, scales, and welding slag from metals.

Shot blasting machines have been developed to assist metal fabricators in the processing of their products to meet their appearance standards. There are three main functions of shot blasting machines, which are cleaning, enhancing, and strengthening of metals. The use of which function depends on the industry where restoration requires the removal of rust and grim while metal finishing needs surface preparation.

The surfaces of completed metal parts need to have treatments applied prior to being packaged for shipment. Washing, chemical baths, and other means of cleaning may not be sufficient to achieve the level of cleanliness necessary. Shot blasting machine cleaning removes any form of residue to prepare a part for final processing or the application of paint or sealant.

Metal surfaces require preparation prior to be painted. Most metal processors use some form of roughing or texturing method to achieve the correct grit. The first choice for many manufacturers is shot blasting, which can properly prepare a surface to have it ready for painting. Once a metal surface has been blasted, it is ready for the application of paint or coating.

Peening is a method of strengthening the material properties of a metal by applying stress to the surface. A perfect and widely used method to achieve the proper stress level is shot blasting, where, in this case, it is referred to as peening blasting. The process expands the surface of a metal by creating an expanded layer of compressed stress while relieving tensile stress.

The use of shot blasting requires careful preparation and containment. The strength and force that shot blasting applies to metal surfaces can be extremely dangerous if not properly contained and controlled. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and OSHA have created a strict set of guidelines for the shot blasting process.