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Like everything else in the industrial context, sandblasting equipment manufacturers must be prepared with special equipment for special circumstances. This is because life is full of exceptions to the rule, which applies to sandblasting equipment and the applications to which it is applied just like it does for every circumstance and industry. Portable blasting systems are available from most sandblaster manufacturing companies as the equipment flexible enough for non-traditional sandblasting needs. An example would be a particularly large piece of equipment that needs to be cleaned or anything that is outdoors and therefore can’t be put through an automated blasting system.

A portable blasting machine may come in a variety of sizes, as long as it is small enough to be carried from one place to another. Although they are all designed to be moved, some have the capability of being stationary for detailed shaping in the appropriate context. The precision of portable blasting systems is just as precise and quick as larger sandblasting equipment, which means there is no quality lost when purchasing the smaller model. Because portable sandblasters are often used for projects involving cleaning and stripping they are often equipped with softer blasting media such as baking soda, walnut shells, silica sand, wheat starch or plastics.

Even though portable blasting systems are already a subcategory to the sandblasting equipment parent, they do have a few key varieties available on the market today. The simple portable blasting gun is the most mobile version, hooked up to a blasting bag it is perfect for spot cleaning or spot stripping very large objects. Portable blasting cabinets are also available, meant to bring the blasting capabilities to the parts that are then put inside them to be cleaned. Customized models are also popular, for portable blasting equipment as well as other more permanent models of sandblasting equipment.

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